CFAS Wales

Additional Studies

Research Funding Pulled-in: Bolt-On Studies

These studies have been secured using CFAS W as the base:

  • Vanessa Burholt - Older People’s External Residential Assessment Tool (OPERAT). National Institute of Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) Research Funding Scheme: Social Care Research Award Application £212,359 (100% FEC) funded at 80%, submitted February 2013 – awarded.

  • Bob Woods (co-applicant) - Access to timely formal care – proposal to JPND call ”European research projects for the evaluation of health care policies, strategies and interventions for Neurodegenerative Diseases”, led by Frans Verhey (Netherlands). Submitted March 2013. UK costs 400K euros (100% FEC) - awarded.

  • Bob Woods – request to NISCHR for additional funding to support data collection for CFAS Wales – January 2013. £360K requested. £112.3K awarded.

  • Dr Gill Windle - Evidence based policy making on ageing in Wales: Capacity building and optimising use of survey data (ESRC, £387,516).

This work aims to facilitate new cross-investment working between the International Centre for Life-course Studies in Society and Health (ICLS) and Maintaining Function and Well-Being (CFAS Wales) using ESRC funded resources (Understanding Society and CFAS Wales) for research generation, capacity development and evidence based policy making. Both investments provide the opportunity to address themes identified as important by key stakeholders. The proposed work will capitalise on and complement the current strengths of both investments in terms of their thematic areas, adding value to both centres through sharing learning across their respective strengths in qualitative and quantitative methods. It will improve opportunities to exploit the impact of the investments to the broader research community, by maximising the use of current data and building new linked data sets.