CFAS Wales

Accessing data from CFAS Wales

The data from CFAS Wales have been deposited with the UK Data Service (details below). Access is available to registered users – see the UK Data Service web-site for details of how to register.

The data available includes the interview data from waves 1 and 2, as well as a number of qualitative interviews. All the data has been anonymised. The interview schedules are available on the Research Information page of this web-site and give details of the questions used and their scoring. These act as the codebook for the data.

Please address any queries regarding the data in the first instance to the Chief Investigator, Professor Bob Woods It may be possible to arrange collaborations regarding data analyses with members of the CFAS Wales team.

As a courtesy, we request that researchers inform us of any publications arising from use of the data, and that CFAS Wales is appropriately referenced.

The citation and web-link for the CFAS Wales data is as follows:

Woods, R., Windle, G., Burholt, V., Brayne, C., Bennett, K., McCracken, C., Clare, L., Matthews, F., Phillips, J., Macleod, C. (2019). Cognitive Function and Ageing Study - Wales: Waves 1-2, 2011-2016. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 8281,