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CFAS-Wales in the News:

(21st April 2017)

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  • The Hindustan Times printed an article about CFAS-Wales on 21st April 2017, to view this article please click here.


Graduation success for PhD student Matt Roberts (Swansea University)

We would like to congratulate Dr Matt Roberts, the first of the CFAS Wales students to complete their PhD. Matt graduated from Swansea University in January 2015 having successfully defended his thesis back in September. A summary of Matt’s thesis can be found below.


The Influence of Lifestyle on the Association between Health Conditions and Cognitive Function in Older People: Analysis of CFAS Wales Interim Data

My thesis examined the moderating influence of lifestyle (physical activity, alcohol consumption, fruit, and vegetable and fish consumption) on the association between previously diagnosed health conditions (stroke, heart attack, hypertension, depression and type II diabetes) and cognitive function in older people. This involved quantitative analysis of interim Wave One data from the Cognitive Function and Ageing Study in Wales (CFAS Wales). The main findings suggested that in those with a history of heart attack, greater vegetable consumption shows a strong positive effect on current cognitive function. Less physically active participants with a history of hypertension showed higher current cognitive function than non-hypertensive participants, although this trend was reversed at higher physical activity levels. This indicated a unique relationship between previously diagnosed hypertension and cognitive function dependent upon physical activity. Generally, a consistent direct positive effect on cognitive function of more intense physical activity, moderate alcohol consumption, and greater consumption of fruit and vegetables was observed. The difference in cognitive function between participants with a history of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, depression or type II diabetes, and healthy individuals was not noticeably worse at lower levels of healthy behaviours compared with higher levels. Overall, the findings of this study suggest that in those older people with previously diagnosed conditions linked to cognitive decline, a healthy lifestyle is as important for optimal cognitive function as it is in healthy older people.


CFAS-Wales in the News:

(5th November 2013)

The Daily Post printed an article about CFAS-Wales on Tuesday 5th November 2013, to view this article please click here.


CFAS-Wales in the News:

(13th July 2013)

The South Wales Evening Post printed an article about CFAS-Wales on Saturday 13th July 2013, to view this article please click here.


CFAS-Wales Demember 2012 Newsletter:

(17th December 2012)

The project is now well underway. If you would like to see how we are getting on please have a look at our December 2012 Newsletter: English / Cymraeg


Cognitive Function and Ageing Study-Wales project launched.

(29th March 2011)

The CFAS-Wales project was launched this week at an event held at Bangor University. The £3.3m project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales is a five year project led by Professor Bob Woods of Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), Bangor University, that will investigate health, well-being and cognitive function in Wales, with a focus on psychological, social and biological factors such as resilience, bilingualism, nutrition and social networks that may offer protection against, or delay the development of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Representatives from the CFAS-Wales team speak to local and national media.

(29th March 2011)


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RESEC Conference

(March 2014)


Brain Donation for Research, Ardudwy, Bangor University

(6th March 2014)


North Wales Social Services Conference

(February 2014)


Alzheimer’s Society Launch Event

(November 2013)


Care & Repair Conference

(September 2013)


Cross-party group on Neurological Conditions – Senedd, Cardiff

(October 2013)